Crazy Olympics for Everyone

Olympics are a grand event for every athlete in the world but this does not mean that the common man does not have a place to go and play sports. Your event is the crazy Olympics. You can do all sorts of things thus the name crazy. There are all sorts of activities for all ages.

Crazy Olympics for kids

1. Silly Shot (Put): See how far your students can throw a bean bag, orange, balled up pair of socks, ball of aluminum foil, bag of rice, fruit loops, can of spam, or whatever! Show them how to hold the “shot put” near their ear and launch it forward with one arm. Have children mark off their distance with a shoe.

2. Jolly Javelin: For the javelin throw, use multi-colored wacky noodles, straws, hot dogs wrapped in plastic wrap, chopsticks, wiffle ball bats, or rolled up newspapers or magazines. Five children can throw at once, behind a set line. Distances can be marked again with their shoes.

3. Dizzy Discus: For the discus, use a Frisbee, a wrapped frozen pizza, or paper plates sealed together well with dried beans, rice, or sand inside.

4. Happy Hurdles: Have students jump over a series of hurdles such as shoe boxes, swim noodles, or leaders if the leaders are adventurous enough!

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Now that you know the fun in store with crazy Olympics, why not organize one for your kids and friends? It is easy to organize one all you need is a few tips and you are good to go. Print colorful invitations because kids are attracted to colorful things. The next thing is to ensure that the kids are divided into teams and that they know the rules of the game.

Olympic Games Event Printables

Choose from two designs of Olympic Games printables and print out everything you will need your event, from the invitations through to the score sheets!

Divide Your Children Into Teams

Depending on the age of the children involved, you may let them choose their own teams and team names. For younger children it might, however, be preferable to allocate teams and names in advance and announce them on arrival, or perhaps when sending out invitations. Specifying a colour for each team works well and you could always ask the children to turn up wearing a T-shirt or sash in their team’s colour to help with identification.

For older children, you could assign a country to each team – perhaps by letting them pick a card (or a flag) out of a hat. Or print and make a flag badge for each child and let them each pick one out of a hat – this way you allocate teams completely randomly, which can be the fairest way and prevent too much anxiety.

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Mums and dads are not left behind. You too can have fun. Mothers can be blindfolded and let us see how good your mothering skills are. Dad’s will have to change diapers.

Possible Mom Events

Mom Call. All moms are blindfolded and positioned at a starting point. All kids start calling out “Mom!”First mom to finds her kids wins.

Hula-Hoop. All moms start hula-hooping, and the winner has the last one spinning. (My girlfriends and I absolutely trained for this ahead of time!)

Possible Dad Events

H.O.R.S.E. If a basketball court or soccer field is available, this is one the guys love.

Carry the Kids. Each dad grabs a kid or two, then sprints to a cone and back.

Multitask Master. Each dad is given the same series of tasks to complete. For example, change a diaper on a doll, text a grocery list shouted by mom, and install a car seat. First one finished wins.

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